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Urgo, the Margoyle
Storyline of Urgo
In the kingdom of Avent, the young prince Medwyn began dabbling in magic. The prince was spoiled and cruel, and despite the warnings of the court magician, he began to experiment with dark magics. His strange experiments resulted in many hideous, if harmless, beasts: a sparrow with the eyes of a cat; a duck with the legs of a spider; and a fountain that bled. As he grew older, however, he grew more bold.

When a thief sold him an ancient tome, he began to work with spells of even greater power. One ritual in particular caught Medwyn’s eye -- a spell that would bind a demon into servitude. Medwyn followed the book’s instructions, and managed to trap the soul of a minor demon named Urgo in a protective circle. Medwyn’s talent for dark magics betrayed him, however. He sought to use the demon’s soul to animate a stone gargoyle who would do his bidding. Medwyn fumbled with the intricacies of the spell, and while he managed to animate the gargoyle with the demon’s soul, he failed to bind it into his servitude.

Urgo quickly turned on Medwyn and crushed the life out of the spoiled prince, bone by bone. Urgo’s rage grew, however, when he realized that he was trapped in the gargoyle’s body. This rage fuels Urgo’s actions, and now he seeks to destroy all things made of flesh and bone.

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