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Balok, the Death Knight
Storyline of Balok
Balok was once a great champion for good. The lord of a mountain keep, Balok was renowned as a just, fair leader of men. The good knight was born under a dark star, however. His downfall came upon a doomed expedition to the ruins of Blackspire Tower. There, it was rumored that many men had been sacrificed in a black magic ritual before an order of knights razed the tower. Hidden deep within the catacombs of the tower was an unholy sword of great power. The sword was both sentient and evil, and sensing Balok’s presence, it called out to the great champion. Balok heard the sword’s siren call and, seduced by the glory it promised him, quickly claimed it as his own and carried it back to his home. That very night, Balok was beset with nightmares of blood. Later that week, Balok struck savagely at one of his men in a sparring session. The unholy blade tasted blood for the first time. In a moment, its thirst overwhelmed Balok, and he slew his sparring partner.

One victim was all the vampire sword needed before it was able to exert its complete will over Balok. The knight’s mind became warped, and soon the admired lord of the keep became a feared and hated man. Adorning black armor and a massive helm, Balok’s outward appearance became as twisted and dark as his mind. His lust for evil grew until, in a fit of madness, he slaughtered every living being in his keep. He now travels the world, guided by his vampire blade, seeking more blood for the blade’s unquenchable thirst.

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