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Erland, the Elven Archer
Storyline of Erland
Erland spent his youth in the wilds of the Silverwood Forest. A loner by nature, Erland shunned even his fellow elves and instead devoted himself to learning the ways of nature and mastering the art of archery. In this latter respect, he has succeeded, for no man is his superior with a bow.

Erland would have been content to live out his life roaming the forests that he called home, but a blight fell upon the land. Kharon, a dark sorcerer of great evil, bespoiled the sacred oak grove that was the forest’s heart. In a short time, he managed to pervert the mighty oaks and bend the forest to his twisted will, draining the vital life essences from nature herself and feeding his own growing power. Erland joined a select band of druids and rangers who sought to end the blight on the land. Many perished as the woods themselves animated and turned on the band of adventurers, but Erland managed to fight his way through to the now dead heart of the sacred grove. He was caught by the warped oak terrors, but even as their limbs sought to crush the life out of him, he managed to unleash one of his arrows. The arrow found its mark and pierced Kharon’s heart. Although the wizard died, the druids could do little to restore the damage he had already wrought to the lands. With his beloved Silverwood Forest dying, Erland took to the road, where his mastery of the bow has brought him fame and fortune.

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