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Samurai Shodown Saga
Edge of Destiny

Wan Fu
Storyline of Wan Fu
Wan Fu is a general in Ching.
One day, one of his servants from his house visited Wan Fu.
He said that Wan Fu's son had got mysterious disease.
Ever aide suggested to Wan Fu that he go home, Wan Fu, however, kept working in silence.
Although he was almost crazy when he had heard it, he thought it might be disgraceful for fine men to get upset about a private incident.
But Wan Fu was ordered to rest.
This order was a warmful regard by his Emperor, who had been afraid of collapse of the castle because Wan Fu had taken his anger out on poles of the castle with his head and had been going around it.
But since his son's condition was not so good, every doctor gave up.
At the peak of his anger, Wan Fu went away from Ching in order to search for the most skillful doctor in this world.

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