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Samurai Shodown Saga
Edge of Destiny

Storyline of Takechiyo
Takechiyo has been continuing the journey of training to be a samurai, he was born a farmer but wants to be a swordsman.
One day, a ship that Takechiyo was smuggled in was rammed by a strange ship, and his ship sank.
Takechiyo was thrown on a beach, and saved by a girl who was an adopted daughter of Amori-han's daimyo, Suzu.
Two month later...
Suzu disappeared suddenly.
A feudatory who is an attendant of Suzu, Jinbei was doubted, but Takechiyo went on a journey to find Suzu.

"Where did she go?"

No one knows that this journey is going to be a big issue which is more than Takechiyo expects.

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