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Samurai Shodown Saga
Edge of Destiny

Sogetsu Kazama
Storyline of Sogetsu Kazama
Needless to say, the Ninja group of Iga was officially ordered to survey a foreign ship, and the Ninja group of Kazama was also ordered to do it.
However, Kazama held another big problem.
It was to elect a new leader, who would follow the present leader, Gessinsai, who had been sick in decrepitude.
Some people thought Sogetsu must have been the new leader in terms of his ability, but the other people envied Sogetsu's ability.
Gessinsai thought Kazama would be divided if this situation remained, and consulted Sogetsu directly.

"If so, please give me this order. I'll show them my ability.

Prostrating himself before Gessinsai, Sogetsu smiled slightly.

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