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Samurai Shodown Saga
Edge of Destiny

Kazuki Kazama
Storyline of Kazuki Kazama
With his younger sister, Hazuki, Kazuki lived in a village in peace.
One day, a woman with blond hair, who seemed to get on her way to travel, stopped by the village.
Although she became familiar with Hazuki, she seemed to think hard.
Next day, what he found, coming back from a city, was Hazuki, who lay wounded.

"Come on. Hazuki! What is happened?"
"I'm OK, but help her."

She spoke the fact that the woman had been kidnapped by someone, then fainted.
Now that the sister, whom he had promised to protect, was wounded, if Kazuki did not even satisfy her wish, he would have no excuse for the incident to his older brother.
Kazuki heard his own blood boiling.

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