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Samurai Shodown Saga
Edge of Destiny

Storyline of Haohmaru
When Haohmaru saved the attacked village from bandits, he met a young boy called Takechiyo.
Takechiyo asked Haohmaru to teach him the way of the sword.
It was to be a few years later when Haohmaru and Takechiyo would meet again.
Takechiyo had now grown into a very strong boy.
Both of them were attracted to the ways of the sword, it seemed to be their collective fate to fight each other; however, Takechiyo refused to answer the call to fight as he was distracted by his mission to look for a princess who had escaped from Amori-han.
Haohmaru and Takchiyo promised to have a show-down, and Takechiyo left Haohmaru.

"A blond princess in a mystery ship...,"

Haohmaru whispered.

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