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Samurai Shodown Saga
Edge of Destiny

Genjuro Kibagami
Storyline of Genjuro Kibagami
One night, Genjuro was attacked by a couple of assassins.
He defeated them in by sword.
However, one of them survived his attack by chance.
Genjuro thought he was lucky, and he charged his enemy again.
Then the enemy told him that they attacked him to measure his ability and Golba wanted him to work under him.
For him, there was no question of following someone else.
As Genjuro thought twice that this remaining enemy was unlucky, the poor enemy was self-destructed.
After that, a piece of derbis cut Genjuro's face.
He smiled ominously.
It was the beginning not by change but deliberately.

"You never make a good death anymore..."

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