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Soul Edge Series

a.k.a. SoulCalibur IV, SoulCalibur 4
Project Soul
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Soul Edge Saga
Soul Calibur IV

Storyline of Talim
Amidst a blue light that brought to mind shimmering waters, a snigle blade shone briliantly. Talim had only glimpsed the sword for one halucinatory moment upon saving the youth who was being ravaged by Soul Edge, but it came back to her time and again in her sleep.

She had been passing her days with Yun-Seong, a young man who was searching for Soul Edge. Despite countless efforts to preach the cursed sword's dangers to him, she could not be sure he had taken a single word seriously. Then, almost immediately after they crossed paths with Yun-Seong's kinswoman, Mi-Na, he vanished. He must have sensed that Mi-Na would ry to take him back to their homeland and fled. "He's headstrong," Talim explained to Mi-Na," But he's a good person. In the end, I'm sure he'll make the right decision." And he'll want to make it himself, she added to herself.

She parted ways with Mi-Na and went on alone. Then, one night, she beheld countless lights shooting into the west. It was a beautiful sight, but Talim sensed evil behind it. Soul Edge had grown in power, and time was running short.

From that day, the vision visited her more frequently. The sword whose power at first seemed so pure grew more formidable before her, until finally it seemed capable of wiping away all that existed around it. Talim grew anxious; power that great could only warp the balance of nature. As the winds circled the world, she could hear them screaming.

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