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Vampire Saga
Vampire Savior
Victor von Gerdenheim
Storyline of Victor von Gerdenheim
Several months have gone by since Victor's little sister Emily ceased to move. As it turns out, Emily is also a creation of the late Professor Von Gerdenheim.

Seating Emily's lifeless body on a chair in the laboratory that they call home, Victor waits patiently for a stormy night similar to the one that gave him life.

One night, while Victor sits waiting quietly for the storm that is sure to come, he hears a voice whispering to him from the back of his mind...

It is the voice of Lord Jedah, who has sworn to make his comeback, "All souls become one..."

Taking Lord Jedah's words to mean that collecting souls would provide life for Emily, Victor allows himself to be lured into Majigen. Victor faces the ensuing battles, holding fast to the belief that Emily will return to life once he is done.

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