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Vampire Saga
Vampire Savior
Storyline of Bishamon
The cursed armor "Hannya" and the cursed blade "Kien" had cut a wide swathe across the human realm, feeding on the blood, souls, and pain of many victims. The blood of the ones called Darkstalkers had temporarily sated their hunger, and they had left Bishamon, their former host. A few years had passed, however, and they could feel the stirrings of their appetite resurfacing. Their power had grown such that they no longer needed a "host" to take on human form. Taking a lost spirit into themselves, they were able to form their own identity. "I am... yes... I am Bishamon. The evil samurai spirit Bishamon!!" The haunted armor soon found itself in Majigen, where it could smell blood and an endless supply of fresh prey.

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