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Vampire Saga
Vampire Savior
Storyline of Sasquatch
The bigfoot tribe had long forgotten their ambitions for "world domination," and had instead started spending their days immersed in peaceful trade practices with the human town that had been established about 4 days away from their village. The commodity? The delicious fruit that was now revered among the bigfoots, which the humans called "bananas." One day, when Sasquatch arrived home from a trip to the human town, he was greeted with a devastating sight. A deep black hole was in the middle of the village, and not one of the 100 villagers were anywhere to be seen. "Someone bad has done something evil to my fellow villagers...!" An excited tremor ran through Sasquatch's body at the thought of the battles to come, but as he jumped into the opening, there was no way he could have anticipated the soul-stealing war that awaited him.

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