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Vampire Saga
Vampire Savior
Storyline of Rikuo
The ocean... this endless garden gave new hope as well as new concern to Rikuo and his family. Their new home was infinitely larger than the bottom of the lake that they were used to. Rikuo's only son, Ricky, joyfully explored this new world. Though they did feel a measure of worry, seeing that Ricky had grown into such a healthy young merman filled his parents minds with thoughts of a bright future and their faces with broad smiles. This picture of familial bliss was suddenly shattered when Ricky went missing. In his frantic search for his son, Rikuo ventured into unexplored territory and found a dark tunnel behind a strip of strong ocean current. "Ricky could be in there...! Hang on, son... I'm coming for you!" Rikuo could feel a dark evil force rushing past him with the current. The Water Emperor Rikuo's harrowing rescue mission had just begun!

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