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Vampire Saga
Vampire Savior
Lord Raptor
Storyline of Lord Raptor
Lord Raptor's plans to deceive and dethrone Emperor Ozom had all been leaked to the Emperor himself through the Makai beast known as Le Malta.

Before Lord Raptor even had a chance to worry, the most unexpected thing happened... Emperor Ozom suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Ozom's former castle, the Dohma Estate, was now the gateway into Majigen.

Lord Raptor could feel new enemies waiting for him within the shadows of Majigen. "What a thrill! I bet I can find prey more challenging than Ozom!!"

Taking the now lordless Le Malta as his own servant, the self-proclaimed "Emperor" pulled out his guitar and sent his music echoing throughout Majigen. The Concert of Carnage had begun!

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