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Vampire Saga
Vampire Savior
Storyline of Lilith
When Morrigan was born, her father took a portion of her dark energies and sealed them away. He was concerned that she would be unable to control the overflowing amounts of dark energies that were present within her, and that this lack of control would eventually lead to her self-destruction. Over the course of 300 years, the stored dark energies became a disembodied soul. As this soul observed Morrigan's carefree life in Makai, it took on a personality of its own and became Lilith. Jedah saw the value in Lilith's soul, and provided her with a "temporary form" and prompted her to participate in his plan.

"I will finally be one... with my real body..." Enthralled by the nearness of her greatest desire, Lilith set upon the task at hand with a passion.

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