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Vampire Saga
Vampire Savior
Storyline of Jedah
Resurrected on the outskirts of Makai, Jedah grieved over the sad state of affairs in this dying world.

"Conflict and war... could anything be more futile and meaningless? I am the only one who can save this world from itself."

The best way to save every soul and treat them all as equals, is undoubtedly to become one with them. If we were all one soul, there would never be a reason to squabble or fight. Even as he slowly pieced his plan together, his defeat at the hands of Lord Belial over a century ago was still fresh in Jedah's mind. In order to avoid repeating his past failure, Jedah decided that he would first have to have the appropriate vessel for his proposed ultimate soul. In hopes of establishing a solid foundation, Jedah planned to gather a host of creatures who possess "valuable souls," and merge with them. He would also need to create a "sacred entity" capable of housing his ultimate soul. With his heart full of mercy, the dark lord stepped down into Majigen, the special realm he had created for the sole purpose of caging potentially valuable souls.

"Come! Surrender your souls to mine, and I shall grant you a life of peace and security."

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