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Mortal Kombat Saga
MK Armageddon Endings
The Battle of Armageddon
Storyline of Kobra
Because of his victory over Blaze, Kobra's strength was increased a thousandfold. Emboldened, he demanded the Elder Gods declare him Lord of the Realms.

They assented, but added that no lord should be without his lady. Kobra chose Kira to rule at his side, and the Elder Gods transformed her into a goddess of death.

With a kiss, Kira extinguished Kobra's life force and reduced his body to dust. Let all who would make demands of the Elder Gods beware.

Storyline of Kobra
Once Kobra was nothing more than a street thug on his way to jail. Though extremely adept at martial arts, he used his skills for intimidation and cruelty. Freed by Kabal and Kira in a daring attack on the police, Kobra was asked to join the newly reformed Black Dragon clan, where his brutal nature would be an invaluable asset.

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