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Storyline of Kenshi
The fire of Blaze burned away the curse responsible for Kenshi's blindness. Not only was his sight restored, but he gained increased sensibility in his other senses as well.

As time went on, however, he found the sensory bombardment unbearable. Kenshi retreated to a remote mountain cavern where he remains isolated in a darkened, soundless chamber.

Storyline of Kenshi
"With Shang Tsung rumored dead, I had no more use for the Special Forces. And although I had an ally in Sub-Zero, I had no desire to join the Lin Kuei. I returned to Earthrealm, content to be a lone warrior once again. Guided by my ancestor's sword, I hunted the wicked, slaying those who would threaten the meek. In the dark, my blindness was an advantage. I struck unseen and toppled many criminal organizations from the safety of the night.

As I fought against the underworld, I intercepted encrypted communications from Mavado from a secretive clan known as the Red Dragon. The messages revealed an elaborate plan designed to ensare one man: an Edenian half-god named Taven. The Red Dragon were in a frenzy, and it seemed as though something very important was under way. Before I could determine the location of the Red Dragon base, however, I was met by a former ally, Johnny Cage. He believed that the fallen Elder God Shinnok had resurfaced and wanted to gather the Forces of Light to discuss a battle plan. I refused the invitation, not wanting to become involved in yet another pointless melee between "good" and "evil." I had my own agenda: bring down the Red Dragon and finish Mavado.

Alone in the Botan Jungle, stalking Red Dragon scouts, I was overwhelmed by an intense psychic scream. I became aware of Taven and Daegon and their quest to slay the fire elemental, Blaze. My sword also heard the scream and pleaded with me to ally with the Forces of Light. I had received insight from my blade before, but this time it seemed drawn to kombat. It was as if I could feel the sword pulling me toward some epic clash.

I will not deny its cry for blood. Though Johnny Cage is gathering the Forces of Light, I will be the one to take them into battle. The lone warrior will become a leader of many." -Kenshi

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