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Hsu Hao
Storyline of Hsu Hao
Killed in the shockwave of Blaze's violent death, Hsu Hao's corrupt soul descended into the Netherrealm. As his soul began to regain a physical body, Hsu Hao became his true self: a demon of emptiness and desolation.

Leading an Oni horde, he defeated Shinnok and his minions. He now sits upon the throne of the Netherrealm.

Hsu Hao
Storyline of Hsu Hao
Hsu Hao's strength is matched only by his treachery. For years, this Red Dragon spy worked as a member of the Outworld Investigation Agency, alongside Sonya and Jax. Upon receiving orders from Mavado, Hsu Hao revealed himself as betrayer and destroyed the headquarters of OIA.

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