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Darkstalkers Series

a.k.a. Vampire (JPN)
"The Night Warriors"
Dhalsim (SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom) says...
Temper your body. And one day you can stretch like me.
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Vampire Saga
Storyline of Pyron
Far above the sparkling blue planet called Earth, a dimly glowing spherical mass mumbled to itself. This mass was Pyron, the ultimate lifeform that had spent the past 200,000,000 years meandering through space. As he had no permanently defined physical shape, Pyron could best be described as a shapeless spiritual identity. Originally, Pyron lived on some now-forgotten star with other intelligent lifeforms, but he but as he evolved he became an immortal super-being. In pursuit of a reason to exist... that is, a "reason to live," Pyron started a collection of beautiful planets. Traveling through space at the speed of light, Pyron looks for planets that peak his interest. Whenever he found an intriguing specimen, he would use his incredible powers to force the planet in question onto an orbital path around himself. The orbital path surrounding Pyron spanned over 400,000 light years, and he planed to include a sun in his collection soon.

"Oh... I see some lifeforms inhabit this planet."

Pyron could clearly see the shadowy forms of fish in the ocean that spread out below his gaze. It had been several thousands of years since Pyron had last encountered another lifeform. Emitting a unique energy pulse over the entire planet, Pyron was pleased to find that several lifeforms on this planet had reacted desirably to his probing pulse. "Hm... It seems I may get the opportunity to have a little fun."

"Battle" was Pyron's other "reason to live." Shrinking his energy field into a more limiting form that somewhat resembled a human being, Pyron submerged himself in the Pacific Ocean. In his eternal, unchanging life, there weren't many things that particularly excited Pyron... but now he was fairly certain that he was preparing for one of the most titillating experiences ever, and he was going to bide his time wrapped in the dark shadows of the ocean depths.

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