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Storyline of Balrog
By defeating the power mad Bison and overcoming nearly impossible odds, Balrog proves to himself and the rest of the world that he is still a true champion. With Bison gone, he is able to once again regain his world boxing title.
Storyline of Balrog
Once Bison was defeated, Balrog returned to the United States and began his boxing training once again. Rising through the ranks, Balrog finally got his title shot and soon became the only man to be World Champion in both the Heavy-Weight and Open-Weight divisions. Known for his extraordinary punching power and his quick knockouts, Balrog soon found that challengers were hard to find. So, he has recently begun traveling again as Chun Li Zang's cameraman. When asked why, Balrog joked, "I just want to see her in that little Chinese dress one more time."

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