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Street Fighter Saga
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M. Bison
Storyline of M. Bison
With Colonel Guile and the A.N. army eliminated, there is no one in the world able to stop Bison from realizing his mad schemes. Bisonopolis is created and the tyrannical rule of Bison spreads like a cancer around the globe.
M. Bison
Storyline of M. Bison
After crushing Colonel Guile in personal combat and repelling the Allied Nations attack, General Bison grew even more powerful. The nations that once threatened his empire now quickly crumbled beneath the heel of his legions of "Perfect Soldiers". His dreams of global domination complete, the palace of Bisonopolis was erected high above Shadaloo City and the cry of "Pax Bisonica" was forever heard echoing across the globe. United under his savage rule, the world entered a new age of darkness.....

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