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Uriko Nonomura
Storyline of Uriko Nonomura
When Uriko was walking around town, she came upon the scene of some grade
school students gathered around and prodding at something. When she got closer
to see what was going on, it looked like what they were poking at was a white

Uriko shouted, "Hey, hey!! Don't you pick on animals!!" The children, shocked
from sudden shouting, scattered off in all directions. Perhaps out of grat-
itude, the dog lept at Uriko, and licked all over her face. Then, biting at the
hem of her clothes, the dog pulled at her, and led her off somewhere.

"H-hold on--! Where are you taking me?!" Unable to resist, she was led off by
the white dog.

Uriko called to the dog. "Hey, what's your name? Is it on your collar--? Oh,
you aren't wearing one. Well, I'll name you, then!"

The dog looked at Uriko mysteriously.

"Let's see're white, so maybe 'Haku-chan' would do," she selfishly
[NOTE: "Haku" means "white," "chan" is an affectionate "san."]

"Well, maybe a cuter name would do better! Let's's been decided! Your
name is 'Pakupon!'"

And so, the white dog(?) became arbitrarily named "Pakupon" by Uriko.

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