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Bloody Roar 4

Shen Long
Storyline of Shen Long
Shen-Long was being followed. His daily activities aren't what you could call
on the up-and-up, but even still, he couldn't guess why he was being targeted
by a beastman. Thoroughly worn out, he scuttled away to some back alley. It
was a dead end, and there was a man hanging out there. Getting a better look at
him, he appeared to be a fortune teller.

"You're being followed by a beastman, aren't you?" the fortune teller asked him.

Shen-Long shouted, "Shut up! It's a matter of life and death! What the hell
could you do about it?"

"You are being haunted by an evil soul! In order to escape from this curse, you
must obtain a blessing from this temple!" The fortune teller produced a map for

"You serious?! If you're tryin' to cheat me, I'm not gonna let you off the
hook, you know!"

Another beastman came between the fortune teller and his client, and attacked.

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