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Bloody Roar 4

Reiji Takigawa
Storyline of Reiji Takigawa
In a lone temple deep in the mountains lived a group of four clans of fighting
monks called the "Yatagarasu." In these clans was passed down the beastman
power, and the power to transform was sealed until the inheritor could be
judged an adult.

However, an heir of the families of this building, Reiji, had his seal broken
unfortunately before the coming-of-age ceremony because of the Crest Incident. Because of the suddenness of the incident, Reiji, who deep
down possessed strong, destructive impulses, killed his father, a member of
one of the four clans, and fled from the temple.

Reiji, discovering the pleasure of killing a strong person, started to reach out
to any beastman he could in order to gain the power to defeat the white beastman
who watched from the main temple chambers as he fled from there and the remain-
ing Yatagarasu.

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