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Bloody Roar Saga
Bloody Roar 4

Storyline of Xion
Xion reflected upon the incident one year ago....

"I was going to defeat a woman with these hands. She tried to say something or
other, but I didn't hear it. She was not a beastman. What was standing before
me was the truth. I had to remove what stood in the way of me accomplishing my

"It seemed that the other beastmen wanted to live together with the humans, but
that had nothing to do with us, the Unborn.

"I got close to her fallen form, and muttered this:
'Humans, aren't you making a mistake, trying to defeat me?'

"Was what I said at that time really my own words? I still don't know. All I
know for sure now is that the beastmen are again coming before me to defeat me.
The battle has already begun...."

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