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Ryoho & Mana
Storyline of Ryoho & Mana
There was a temple that fled from the law enacted during the Meiji Restoration
that separated Buddhist and Shinto religious activities, and still practices
them, worshipping in a cave. At that temple lived a monk named Ryouhou. For
some reason, when the temple was attacked y the white beastman (Xion), he lost
his memories of the events there.

After this incident, he took in a Shinto oracle named Mana who held the power
of the nine-tailed fox. Those pursuing Mana broke off, and a year later, earth-
quakes and Beastman Rampage Incidents began occurring.

These conditions were the same as the developments of the white beastman's
attack. Ryouhou sensed a coming battle, and fearing that he would damage the
temple, he led Mana out on a journey....

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