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Bakuryu (II)
Storyline of Bakuryu (II)
While investigating the earthquakes and the "Beastman Rampage Incident" that
had occurred once again, Kakeru met a fox in the mountains. The fox started to
walk before him, looking a bit like a puppy. The fox was getting in the way of
his investigations, so along the way, he gave it food, and tried to distract it.
However, no matter how many times he did that, it kept coming back, so he just
gave up and let the fox go with him.

"Guess I've got no choice. Do you keep coming around because you're worried
about me?" Just as he said that, the fox ran away.

Kakeru followed it. At the fox's destination, a beastman was going on a ram-

"Oh! So you were trying to tell me about that!"

Kakeru became wrapped up in a battle with new beastmen....

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