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Storyline of Kohryu
At one time, there was a man named Ryuuzou Katou who was known as the original
Bakuryuu, an assassin that workd with the Tailong Corporation, which aimed to
gather only the strength of the beastmen. His body was destroyed by many
useless operations in an attempt to strengthen him, but his remains were passed
along to someone.

Part of the Tailong Corporation, the "Yun Chi Manufacturing," still existed
after its parent company was destroyed. Using Bakuryuu I's battle data,
they produced a fighting robot body called the "Iron Mole," and added to it
Bakuryuu I's remains, which held his physical abilities.

However, the prototype went on a rampage. As if it possessed a will of its own,
it began to attack the beastmen....

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