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Rage of the Dragons

Storyline of Billy
The younger brother, Billy always have followed his brother in all adventures since children, and because of that he decided to leave his house when Jimmy had enough of physical abuse, he contact his uncle in Sunshine city and where taken by him and put under guidance of the old master Le Song that introduce him into the training of the RYU ZUI KEN and the ways of the Blue Dragon . More centered and calm that his brother Jimmy, he decides to move away from the gangs groups and to be devoted to the training together with the teacher Le-song and his small granddaughter Lynn.

But even with his efforts to stay away from the gangs he felt an special attraction for Jimmy's girlfriend, at that time Billy privately had opposing feelings because he felt something more that just friendship her, he decided to talk with her and when they met she was murdered by the gang that wanted to attack Jimmy.

Because of this Jimmy blamed him for her death and made both brothers to split, both abandoned the city leaving the dojo and the training unfinished

With time Billy found fortune on street racing, earning good fame with his first car, an old Trans Am 77 customized by himself, from there to semi and pro circuits until he became a professional while he continue training in the RYU ZUI KEN with a self-made discipline.

He felt the resonance of the dragons and he contact his master just to hear in the other side of the phone to Lynn, the master granddaughter crying and telling him of the death of his grand father, so he took his car and headed to Sunshine city, feeling that he would meet again his brother.

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