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Rage of the Dragons

Oni Inomura
Storyline of Oni Inomura
At the age of 12 Oni lit fire on the dorm rooms of the orphanage and escape along with Cassandra, with a background of violence in Oni and autism in Cassandra both lived alone in the streets were they expend some years until an Irish preacher gave them shelter after saving Oni from several injuries caused by a fight he pick up with a complete gang.

They lived under the guidance of Elias for 2 years, but the violence in Oni kept growing, Elias believed that he was possessed by some kind of demon and tried to help him, but after Oni tried to attack Cassandra while sleeping he lost temper and punish him severely, because of this Oni went back to the streets and Cassandra will join him later without knowing what happened at Elias's shelter.

Soon Oni was well known in low Sunshine city because of his extreme violence and his fame as a ruthless fighter in the illegal circuits, Oni does not have relation with nobody except for one girl from low Sunshine city.

After hearing about a person that knows everything Cassandra decide to look for this person in an attempt to know about her past and their parents because, even when they are as close as brothers, she is not sure about this, so Oni decide to go with her to look for the one that calls himself " BLACK DRAGON".

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