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a.k.a. Downtown Rantou Koushinkyoku: Kachinuki Kakutou SP
"Battle Royal SP"
Arc System Works
Juri Han (Street Fighter 5) says...
Well then, where do you want me to break you first?
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Super Sports Challenge: All-Star Special bios
 Aihara Enma Fuke Hasebe
 Hoshina Ichijou Ito Kazato Kirishima
 Kozuma Momozono Mori
 Morimoto Nanase Ogura
 Saji Sakagami Shimada Soma Sonokawa
 Sugata Takamine Tamayama Toraichi Torazi Tsuchida Ugajin
 Untani Yukizaki Yusa
Top Speed
Storyline of Mochizuki
The golden foot of the Top 4. He is widely recognized for his speed and his nickname is ⌈Speedy Motsu⌋. He is a positive guy but he thinks everyone likes him in is overly self-conscious. He tends to act alone rather than in a group thinking that fighting should be done with one's own strength. Oddly, he is friends with the top student Hayasaka, and his younger brother Tsukasa is a freshman of Hattori High. Numaoka High still follows him even after escaping the clutches of Reiho High.

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