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a.k.a. Downtown Rantou Koushinkyoku: Kachinuki Kakutou SP
"Battle Royal SP"
Arc System Works
Rasetsu Galford (Samurai Shodown 6) says...
AAAAH. A real fighter, not some phony!!!
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Super Sports Challenge: All-Star Special bios
 Aihara Enma Fuke Hasebe
 Hoshina Ichijou Ito Kazato Kirishima
 Kozuma Momozono Mori
 Morimoto Nanase Ogura
 Saji Sakagami Shimada Soma Sonokawa
 Sugata Takamine Tamayama Toraichi Torazi Tsuchida Ugajin
 Untani Yukizaki Yusa
Top 4 Leader
Storyline of Kobayasi
The leader of Reiho's Top 4! A skilled fighter who uses techniques with definite endings. He used to be a cool guy raised in the upper class society, but his home environment changed after his father's business failed. He leads the Top 4 of Reiho High, and has decided to participate in the athletic meet after recruiting two students whom he had been eyeing.

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