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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Cyber Woo
Storyline of Cyber Woo
(During 2017)
In the Osaka District, known due to its important technological industry, we find the Makijima company.

"OK, all adjustments of the new technology are ready. Height: 260cm. Weight: 2 Tons. Code name: CYBER-W00. The antropoid multipurpose droid can be now activated."

All the members of the company and the Makijima Family look passively, everything is ready to activate it. The only thing left is... giving it a name.

From a flying pod, the 2nd daughter of the Makijima family shouts a name loudly, and it's inmediately accepted.

It'll be called... Cyber Woo (...)

Battle Coliseum Tournament is in the sight and Cyber Woo can't lose, for the Makijima familiy's sake!

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