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Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Storyline of Washizuka
(During 2017)
The time was the first year of Genchi, or 1864 by the Western Calendar. This was the time when a mighty group feared by the exclusionary loyalists to the Emperor formed a squad to maintain order under Katamori Matsudaira to protect the city of Kyoto. This was the Shinsen-gumi, which has rapidly increased its strength after the Ikeda-ya Incident.
The names of the squad members gradually became known to the general public, but there were those who never made their identity public. One of these was Keiichiro Washizuka.
Washizuka had continued his investigations even after the incident concerning Hell's Gate a few months ago, and now had information that the merchant from the Western powers WAREZ was involved. If he could catch the ringleader, maybe he'd be able to find out how to deal with Hell's Gate.
Additionally, it was surmised that WAREZ had also had a hand in the spate of disappearances of ministers from the shogunate. "Now is the time to strike WAREZ, the source of all this evil, and in so our loyalty to the Emperor!"

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