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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Storyline of Ai
(During 2017)
"Your mission is to enter this 'Battle Coliseum' with @char=yuki_ngbc@ and expose the identity of the WAREZ executive sponsoring the event."
That was the order given to Ai in her position as an agent of the Federation Government.
A casual glance of Ai left one with the impression of a delicate female, but her combat strength was nothing to be underestimated when she puts her modified NEO Pocket to use.
Although Ai was known to neglect her duties in preference to playing the latest game, she insists she's the one who "keeps tabs on @char=yuki_ngbc@ whenever he flies off the handle."
Now all she's concerned with is bringing this mission to a quick close, but the real reason for this is because "the latest game is coming out in a few days..."

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