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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Tung Fu Rue
Storyline of Tung Fu Rue
(During 2017)
According to tradition, those who keep going strong at an old age are known as the "golden old."
Tung Fu Rue is one who fits this label to a tee.
Rue is the teacher of both @char=terry_faf@ and @char=geese_faf@, and a master of the art of The Holy Fist of the Eight Ways. Even though he can manipulate his spirit freely and is past the age of seventy, he's not slowed down in his "way of life."
"Good grief. Kids these days just don't know how to use their spirit."
Tung mumbles this as he purveys the preliminary battles of the Battle Coliseum.
"I guess I'll have to show these tykes how to really fight."

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