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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Robert Garcia
Storyline of Robert Garcia
(During 2017)
The mighty tiger of Kyokugen Karate. The man who went by the moniker - Robert Garcia had been spending these past few years entrusted with a certain degree of responsibility in the Garcia Foundation. Slacking off on his training, he'd been keeping his former enthusiasm for fighting in check. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get married and enjoy life with my family...would it? Huh? Ryo...? Robert, who has been spending his days quietly, is taken a back by a sudden delivery... "Ryo Sakazaki is joining the Battle Coliseum? The invincible dragon is back?!"
A twinge of shame suddenly races through him.
"Just what am I so satisfied with myself for? ...Ryo has busted his hump trying to master his art, and what have I done?!"
The raging tiger has awoken from his long slumber.
The dragon and the tiger are ready for the clash.

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