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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Storyline of Nakoruru
(During 2017)
The destruction of the environment in WAREZ's areas of development has escalated to a level that can no longer be ignored. Unforgivable deforestation, pollution, and the disposal of radioactive waste--the greenery in these areas of development was gone in the batting of an eye, and sightings of wildlife decreased while the floating corpses of mutant fish in polluted rivers conversely increased. "Mother Nature...weeps."
The shrieks of the trees and birds even reached the hinterlands of the North. The heart-rending screams pleading for help grow louder as the days pass and Nakoruru, the heavenly Ainu maiden, senses them.
"Hold on, for I will come."
Daybreak. Rera (the wind) for the first time this year blows from the south. Spring always visits sooner than ever to the Kamui Kotan when Nakoruru has left.

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