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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Mr. Karate (Ryo)
Storyline of Mr. Karate (Ryo)
(During 2017)
Ryo Sakazaki.
He's the karate fighter whose combat experience has earned him equal classification with @char=robert_aof@ as the "Dragon and Tiger of Kyokugen."
He now spends his busy days as the acting master of the Kyokugen Karate dojo, and its been ages since he's joined a fighting tournament.
But those nearest to him knew the real story. His ability as a fighter was already reaching its peak.... One day with a month to go before the opening of the Battle Coliseum, one piece of news shocked the fighting world. "The invincible dragon is back."
And now Mr. Karate is back in the fray to transcend Kyokugen.

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