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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Moriya Minakata
Storyline of Moriya Minakata
(During 2017)
"Curse my immaturity. ...Someone like me."
The fatal way of the sword, the chaotic scene of scattered snow and flowers lit by the moon.
Amidst the splatters of blood in the newly fallen snow stands one man without a drop of blood on him who sheathes his sword in a single flowing motion. The new snow wafts down and gathers over the bodies of the grotesquely slain assassins.
The has been the umpteenth time in a short while he's been attacked by these unknown enemies. Moriya has no idea why these men hunt him down. But the words these assassins gasped with their dying breaths finally provide a clue.
"Hell's Gate... Your destiny...To the 'Coliseum'...."
Moriya Minakata turns his back on the corpses and disappears into the falling snow.
He has yet to bury his past and start life anew.

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