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Mars People
Storyline of Mars People
(During 2017)
"Hey, Mah-pee, deliver this bowl of noodles to Mr. Saltoh in district 3!". "Pee-poh (Roger, dodger.)"
One of the Martian creatures...uh, people...whose invasion of earth was foiled by Marco Rossi and company remains stranded on Earth, unable to return home and is now labouring as a live-in worker at a restaurant in Osaka's Sulta City. It was hard to make himself understood at first, but his body language, aided by his excess of arms helped him out considerably. Now he's completely integrated into Terran life.
Another busy day has come to an end, and he makes a modest toast with the shop owner. The proprietor then blurts out: "You know, WAREZ would be able to take you back to Mars". The proprietor pushes a ticket to the match venue towards him and tells him to go.
"Po-pee-pee-poh (Pops)...". The Martian takes the ticket, trying to hide the tears running from his, uh, "cheeks?"
This could just be his ticket home. His ticket to Mars....

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