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Marco Rossi
Storyline of Marco Rossi
(During 2017)
Marcurius Dennis Rossi.
Most know him as Marco Rossi. He's the commander of the Peregrine Falcons (PF Squad), and squad leader of Company 1. Marco's an elite soldier who is a first-rate computer programmer and can handle any number of the special weapons known as "Slugs." He's also distinguished himself as the ablest member of the Government Forces, earning a slew of medals. After completing a mission, he's been known to kick back at his home in Idaho, but during one such time, Marco receives an urgent message. "What? General Morden?!" It's information that the Antichrist General Morden is alive. Furthermore, he's getting support from the industrial conglomerate WAREZ and is no doubt plotting some "evil doings". "I'll have to get Tarma and @char=fio_kof@ to back me up. I'm counting on you!"
The spring of 2017 by the New Japan calendar and the Metal Slugs are moving out!

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