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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Kim Kaphwan
Storyline of Kim Kaphwan
(During 2017)
The industrial conglomerate WAREZ is on its way to increasing its influence even in Korea.
Along with its sudden growth, hostile takeovers and legal scheming is has become a target of criticism within Korea.
"Hmph, these coercive dealings cannot be allowed."
As Kim scans the newspaper, he strikes up a conversation with Chan and Choi who continue their push-ups as part of their rehabilitation. But the gasping duo is in no position to reply.
"It looks like I'll have a little mano a mano with the sponsor and teach them the ways of justice to put them back on the straight and narrow, eh? OK, I'm in. I'm off to the 'Battle Coliseum!'"
Chan and Choi pray as sheets of sweat flow over them.
(I pray Kim, just once, has to deal with the crap he shovels on us every day!)

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