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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Lee Pai Long
Storyline of Lee Pai Long
(During 2017)
The White Dragon has been famous in a lot of years, because of his miraclous remedies. But WAREZ's hand has extended its hand to Lee Pai Long, the man behind the place's success.

"If you kindly show us the formula of your remedies, we can trade it for a considerable amount of money. But if you don't..."

WAREZ frequently tried to force Lee to distribute drugs at his business and to reveal the secrets of his medicines. Previewing the consequences, Lee controlled his acts and he resisted everything, but when the danger reached his family, it was too much.

"This youngmen finished with my patience. Hyoo!!"

The legendary acrobatic claw has been resurrected. The Cherry Tree White Dragon has decided to return to the battle, even when he's 70.

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