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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Storyline of Haohmaru
(During 2017)
"The strongest fighters in the world... all in one place, you say?"
That was the rumor circulating around the old post-town. Of course there would be the strongest from the West there, along with weapons and moves he had never seen.
Haohmaru's native land was Musashi. He was born to the family of a poor vassal of the shogun. Along with his 5'7", 141-pound muscular build dressed in a loose kimono, the only possessions he carried with him were his famous sword "Blowfish Poison" and a ceramic sake bottle. Known to be a manly and warm hearted samurai, he now travels from one land to another to perfect his martial arts abilities. Finding an Inn, Haohmaru got his sake bottle filled to the brim.
This was the only preparation he needed before hitting the road.

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