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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Geese Howard
Storyline of Geese Howard
(During 2017)
"G-Geese Howard?! You're supposed to be dead...."
Ignoring the surprise of the current Southtown mayor, Geese nonchalantly sits himself in a chair and blows a puff of smoke after a long tug on his cigar.
"You got a problem with me being alive Mayor?"
"U-uh, no, not at all...Your syndicate no longer has any pull in this town."
With his back to him, Geese laughs derisively at his remark. No longer has any pull. Yes, but....
"I hear your town's hosting a major fighting competition soon. I thought you could use your influence to get me a place in it."
If Geese displays his awesome power in the Battle Coliseum, this town will surely bow down to him again. Because the true leader of Southtown is back and here to stay....

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