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Showdown of Legendary Legends
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 Jombie Porcupine Kai Li Master Bear Master Boar Master Chicken
 Master Croc Master Storming Ox Mei Mei Monkey Mr. Ping Oogway
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 Tigress Vachir Warrior Po Wolf Boss
Mei Mei
Storyline of Mei Mei
In a village of easy going pandas who would literally rather roll than walk, Mei Mei stands out as a rare, results-oriented type of panda. When she wants something, she gets it no matter what. So when a handsome new panda named Po arrives in the panda village, she sets her sights on him and will not be denied. But underneath all that intensity and drive to succeed hides an insecure, overcompensating girl who just needs to channel all that energy into discovering who she is really meant to be. Mei Mei's hyper, enthusiastic, and smothering charm is on full display when she enters the combat arena. She's out to overpower her opponents with her pent-up affections... and with a few solid slaps from her fan (which makes a surprisingly good weapon when wielded by the right panda).

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