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Showdown of Legendary Legends
 Armored Li Armored Ping Baby Po Bao Crane Gorilla Soldier
 Jombie Porcupine Kai Li Master Bear Master Boar Master Chicken
 Master Croc Master Storming Ox Mei Mei Monkey Mr. Ping Oogway
 Po Shen Shifu Soothsayer Su Wu Tai Lung
 Tigress Vachir Warrior Po Wolf Boss
Gorilla Soldier
Storyline of Gorilla Soldier
As if having his evil pack of wolves to do his bidding wasn't enough, She also employs an army of gorillas to work in his favorty and move his giant war cannons. The Gorilla Soldier is all about size and brute strength. His massive fists pack a real wallop, and he uses his body weight to slam and pound his enemies into submission. While the Gorillas are familiar with Kung Fu andd skilled with weaponry, they rarely neeed either. Ferocious and intimidating, they strike so much fear in their opponents that the battle is often over before it even begins.

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